4 Night Activities in Maui to Explore

When you're in Maui, it's easy to wish the days full of sunshine and explorations would never end. Thankfully, this isn't an island that closes at night. There are many exciting and mesmerizing activities to experience between dusk and dawn. Just consider the following four great examples of night activities in Maui:

4 Night Activities in Maui You Need to Experience

1. Go stargazing

As our cities grow larger and brighter, it gets ever harder to see the stars through the competing neon lights. In fact, it's estimated 80 percent of North Americans, can't see and may have never seen the Milky Way. Here in Maui, there’s a unique place where scientists and astronomy lovers from around the world gather to catch sight of this and other wonders: Haleakala.

The dry, clear summit of the now-dormant Haleakala Volcano allows visitors to enjoy a fantastic stargazing experience with unspoiled views of the sky. For the novice astronomer, consider joining in on a Maui Stargazing tour, which includes use of the island's largest portable telescope and a guided tour of the heavens.

Since Maui can get considerably cooler at night, the tour provides warm outerwear, hot beverages and snacks.

2. Enjoy a sunset or stargazing cruise.

While some enjoy hiking up mountains, others would rather see the stars while lounging on cruise liners. For them, a stargazing cruise like the one offered by PacWhale Eco-Adventures is a must-do. Its cruises are timed to coincide with the best stargazing conditions, enabling you to enjoy unparalleled views of the night sky on the water. During the winter, the group lowers a hydrophone into the sea so everyone can enjoy the haunting yet hypnotic songs of migrating humpback whales.

Or if you'd rather party as the sun sinks into the sea, then a sunset cruise, like the one offered by Pride of Maui, is the ideal Maui night activity for you. This more social-oriented outing combines dinner, live entertainment and an open bar for a casual party cruise. Jump aboard and enjoy the magic sunset hour with fantastic views of the island's coastline, jagged Haleakala and, of course, the sunset itself. Just be sure to come aboard with a healthy appetite.

3. Party in a local historic town.

Party with the locals at one of Maui's five Friday Town Parties. Sponsored by the County Office of Economic Development, these exciting evening celebrations are hosted in different small towns across the island every Friday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Each weekly party highlights one of the island’s historic small towns and its businesses, attracting locals and visitors alike. These parties have a more community flavor that enable you to experience each town’s charms and culture outside of the more tourist-oriented luaus and similar activities.

4. Take Maverick Helicopter’s Sunset Odyssey tour.

This three-island tour allows you to view Maui’s breathtaking vistas and sunsets from the unique vantage point of a plush ECO-Star helicopter.

Your adventure starts in Maui, passing over the Pailolo Channel on your way to Molokai with its brilliantly colored ancient fish ponds, as well as the iconic Elephant Rock. You’ll then soar over Lanai and see Shipwreck Beach, where a World War II-era naval vessel lies stranded on a reef. Upon your return to Maui, drink in the sights of crashing waterfalls amidst lush jungle landscapes with the stunning tropical sunset as your backdrop.

For more information about Maui's activities, download our free guide “The Top 10 Things to Do in Maui.” It has suggestions to please everyone, from thrill-seekers to those hunting for relaxation.


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